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Helpfull Hints.

Q - What do I need to renew my registration?
A - Driver license and Proof of current Florida insurance (not required for vessels, trailers and motorcycles).

Q - What do I need to register my trailer?
A - Trailers under 2000 lb do not require a title.
New: Driver license, Manufacture Statement of Origin, bill of sale, taxes collected if applicable.
Used: Driver license, Seller’s registration and bill of sale.
Home made: Driver license and certified weight station slip. If the weight is over 2000 lb a DMV inspection is required.

Q - May I allow someone to renew my registration?
A - Yes, that person must show your proof of current insurance and his/her driver license. (Some restrictions apply)

Q - When does my registration expire?
A - Registrations in a person’s name expire on midnight on the individual’s birthday, mobile homes expire on December 31. Commercial vehicles (trucks) expire on May 31 or December 31 depending if it is a full-year or half-year registration.

Q - What do I need to replace a lost registration?
A - Bring your Florida driver license and we will replace your registration.

Q - Can someone else replace my lost registration for me?
A - Yes, that person must bring in a copy of your driver license and present his / her license.

Q - My decal / license plate was stolen / lost what do I do?
A - If stolen, you will need a case number from the police department and your driver license. If lost, just bring your driver license.

Q - I renewed my registration online / mail but I never received it?
A - Come to the Tag Agency and we will fill out a lost in transit form and issue you a new registration for a small fee.

Q - What do I do with my tag if I canceled my insurance or sell my car?
A - You must turn in your license plate to a tag agency or driver license bureau. This will prevent a registration / driver license stop and you may use your receipt for the exemption of the initial $ 225.00 registration fee (effective 09/01/09).

Q - Can I renew my registration more than one year?
A - Yes, you may renew for two years.

Q - How do I get a disabled parking permit?
A - Bring in form 83039, Application For Disabled Person Parking Permit, accurately completed, including the physician statement of certification. This form is available on our website forms section. Your Florida driver license or Florida ID card is required.

Q - How do I transfer a vehicle that I just bought from a private person into my name ?
A - There are several areas on the title that must be filled out before coming to the tag agency:

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